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The Offshore Experts of matrix Eastern Europe

Taking some, or even all, of your operations offshore can have huge benefits for your business. But many elements have to come together to make it work, which can be challenging.

You need a trusted partner to faithfully represent you and your interests. That’s where we come in.

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Established in 2007

Established in 2007, Matrix Eastern Europe is the offshore outsourcing division of Matrix, employing hundreds of professionals at our development centers around Eastern Europe.

Israeli leading provider

As the leading Israeli provider of offshore solutions, we enable companies in a range of verticals to grow by recruiting top professional talent, and managing them in a stable environment that fosters long-term relationships.

Our affiliation with Matrix

Our affiliation with Matrix enables us to offer the advantages of a publicly-listed international company, with extensive experience in running the largest computing projects, using the most advanced technology, for a client base of Israel's top organizations. Working closely with the Matrix Centers of Excellence and its training service, we supply innovative, professional, and distinctive solutions, at competitive rates.

Matrix Eastern Europe - Leading the Market by Leading you to success!

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The team that makes it all happen