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A comprehensive range of services to support your business goals.
In all our services, we aim to offer a high-quality alternative to the competition, providing crucial support to your business with dedicated remote teams.

Software Developers<br>
Software Developers

Let our Software Developers handle your web and mobile coding and engineering needs. We have vast experience in server-side/ client-side development, native and hybrid apps, desktop and other web and mobile development services. Our software development programmers are experts in a wide range of technologies and software development languages, including: Java, .Net, C#, C, C++, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, and more.

Manual & Automated<br> QA Testing
Manual & Automated
QA Testing

Meeting a full range of testing and QA needs, our experts carry out functional and non-functional testing for web, mobile, client server, desktop and other applications. As well as reselling top testing tools, our test automation and performance professionals provide a range of manual testing and open source solutions. Working closely with the Matrix Centers of Excellence and its training division, we supply an innovative, professional, and distinctive solution, at competitive rates.

Integration,<br> Network & DevOps
Network & DevOps

Supporting your long or short-term project, we leverage the end-to-end perspective of our uniquely structured methodology to accelerate agile development, improve quality, and reduce costs. Our tailored, full-scope DevOps solution includes requirements management, configuration management, project planning and management, agile and SAFe work processes, development reports and dashboards, CI/CD, application security, static code analysis and application performance monitoring (APM).

24/7 Managed Support<br> Centers
24/7 Managed Support

We’re at your service any time, any where. Our offshore customers around the world enjoy a comprehensive range of professional services, including technical support, installation, upgrades and field engineers. Our round-the-clock managed approach assures you of personalized, enhanced, high-quality, flexible and cost-effective support that helps you maintain your operations, promotes growth and drives success at all times.

Art - Graphics,<br> Multimedia & UI/UX
Art - Graphics,
Multimedia & UI/UX

Quality artwork and graphics ensure that your concept is conveyed both effectively and aesthetically, in a user experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. Our team of art studio experts includes designers, 2D & 3D animators/developers, cartoonists, illustrators, videographers and more.

Marketing<br> & Operation
& Operation

Our top-quality marketing, operations and technical support and training ensure that you have everything you need to build your brand, help your business stand out, promote services/products, and connect with customers.

Your trusted partners in all things offshore.


Our reputation in local markets enables us to attract top-quality candidates, while our rapid, methodical recruitment process ensures that you get the staff you need, and fast.

Ongoing support
Ongoing support

Our professional HR and CTO personnel provide ongoing support and training to your offshore team, ensuring that they have all they need to deliver excellent performance.

Flexibility & Scalability
Flexibility & Scalability

To accommodate all your specific offshore needs, we offer flexible HR, recruitment and business models, and a tailored overall package. We are able to support your growth at virtually any scale.

Matrix affiliation
Matrix affiliation

As a Matrix company, we offer the benefits of a robust, global business in terms of best practice, compliance with relevant regulations, access to Centers of Excellence, and the ability to recruit hybrid teams of nearshore and offshore staff.


We forge strong, long-term relationships with both customers and staff. Thanks to the support of our experienced on-site HR team and the favorable terms and conditions we offer, our annual attrition rate is less than 8%. With employees staying for up to 12 years, we deliver greater stability for your business.


We comply with relevant local regulations, in particular the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As well as responsibly managing the private data we handle on a day-to-day basis, we also ensure that all necessary measures are put in place to protect your intellectual property.

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