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Life @ Matrix EE

Why work at Matrix Eastern Europe?

We’re proud that our employee retention rate is 90%, and that our customers stay with us for 5 to 10+ years. To us, this is the greatest affirmation that Life@Matrix is good!

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  • We believe

    That our employees deserve to wake up every morning feeling excited to come to work, and as an employer, we do our utmost to make this a reality for each and every one of them.

  • Experience we offer

    When it comes to the work itself, the experience we offer is characterized by long-term projects that offer both stability and professional challenges, complemented by skills training and career development opportunities that facilitate personal growth. To top it all off, competitive salaries and a host of other benefits reflect the high value we place on our employees as the drivers of our business.

  • Our HR team

    To ensure that our employees’ interests are properly looked after, our HR team is on site to handle any issues that might arise and advocate for our people with the client, wherever necessary.

  • Our Facilities

    All of this takes place at high-quality office facilities, kitted out with state-of-the-art IT, modern furnishings and inviting common areas where our staff can chat over a coffee, or share lunch in the kitchen.

Diverse Team


We actively strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, where people from different cultures, religions, nationalities and age groups come together to make their own unique contribution.
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Employee Tenure

Diversity and inclusion

To us, diversity and inclusion is not just about filling quotas or complying with regulations. It is borne of a firmly-held belief that, by inviting in a variety of perspectives, our business benefits in many ways - through faster problem solving, enhanced innovation, higher employee engagement, increased creativity and better decision making.

Average Employee Tenure

While our average employee tenure is 5 years, our annual abandonment rate stands at less than 8%.


Looking out for our employees means actively seeking ways to support them, both at work and beyond. That’s why, as well as a competitive salary, we offer our employees a wide range of benefits.

Referral program

Looking for your next professional opportunity?

Take a look at the diverse range of projects and technologies featured in our positions vacant.

If you already work at Matrix Eastern Europe, why not invite a friend to join?

We pay a bonus* for every external referral that gets hired!

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*Bonus payable after three months continuous employment of the new hire

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