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The Offshore Advantage –
5 Factors to Consider

If you’re yet to be convinced that establishing an offshore team in Eastern Europe will benefit your business, you should have a read of this…


Money talks – decrease your burn rate


In Israel, engineer salaries are fast approaching North America levels. While salaries in Eastern Europe are also rising, you can still find good quality, experienced engineers for around half the price you would pay in Israel. This is largely due to the lower cost of living in these countries, but also because the shekel (NIS) is currently very strong, making it more cost effective to buy goods and services in euros. Similarly, renting and running an office in Eastern Europe is also significantly cheaper than doing so in Israel.


Talent pool – it’s all about scale


All over the world, businesses are competing to recruit the best candidates and Israel is no different. It can take several months to recruit a good and experience engineer in Israel, while in an offshore location such as Bulgaria, Ukraine or Romania it takes 30-60 days tops to recruit a whole team. The main reason for this is that there is a larger pool talent (larger countries, more technology universities graduates) and less competition. Having a large pool of quality talent also means that, as soon as you are ready to scale up your operations, it is much faster and easier to find the staff that will enable you to do so.


Global access – professional support for worldwide locations


Your offshore team need not be limited to engineers and developers. They may also provide professional services, for example carrying out client-side implementation, delivering customer support and representing your company anywhere in the world. This is valuable not only in terms of offering accessibility to clients based in Eastern Europe, but also if you are dealing with markets that are difficult for Israelis to enter.


Bridging the expertise gap – meet your company’s peripheral growth needs


It is true that most of the Israeli companies that offshore do so in order to support their development growth needs. But, there are other areas of expertise that are harder to find in Israel but can be found easily in Eastern Europe. Graphic design, illustration, QA and DevOps are good examples for such skills.


Continuity (24*7) – helping balance your time


Having an offshore team allows you to maintain operations and offer ongoing customer support throughout the week and the year. Whereas Friday is the weekend in Israel, in Eastern Europe it’s a work day, and if you need Saturday coverage too, you can choose to offer you offshore team overtime. Public holidays overseas will also fall out on different dates. So, you can rely on your Eastern European team to ensure you don’t need to cut back operations over the holiday period in Israel when staffing can be an issue, and when your offshore staff are off for Christmas and New Year, it’s business as usual in Israel.


These are just some of the most beneficial aspects of offshoring. To find out more, please contact us.

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