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Employee Spotlight – Aleksander Hauzinski

Getting to know Aleksander Hauzinski, VVM Offshore team leader at matrix Eastern Europe.

1. Do you remember the day you chose your profession?

Around 10 years ago my friend showed me how fun & easy it was to create websites. This quickly turned into a passion and soon after I started my career as a web developer. Then I became interested in software engineering in general and decided that I will pursue full-stack development.

2. How did you choose to enter this role and what strengths did it develop?

I chose to become a team leader as I always felt a strong sense of direction when it came to managing projects. I also wanted to help others grow and build my mentoring skills.
My responsibilities include translating product needs into development plans, hands-on development work and supporting and mentoring my teammates. Therefore, I feel like the role of a software development team leader helped me grow in the areas of communication and management, and made me more decisive and people-oriented.

3. Why did you choose to work for Matrix Eastern Europe?

I was encouraged by the professional and caring approach displayed by Matrix from the very beginning of our communication. I read positive reviews online and I was impressed by the scope of Matrix’s activities.
I enjoyed the experience as a candidate and the structure of the hiring process. I was also happy about the role’s responsibilities and the client I would work for. The product of the client is Argus Vehicle Vulnerability Management. The main feature of this product is to showcase software and hardware vulnerabilities inside of the actual hardware that makes up the vehicle.

4. How does your day go?

My day usually starts with development work and focus time. Then I lead my team’s Daily standup meeting during which we discuss the ongoing development efforts and raise proposals and concerns. After the Daily I return to development work, meet with team members for technical consultations or meet with stakeholders to discuss our plans and progress.
My workdays are exciting and I look forward to collaborating with the great people on the project. As a matter of fact, the best thing about my job is the people I have the pleasure of working with. We motivate each other, celebrate successes together and learn from mistakes together. I’m also excited about the product we’re developing and I enjoy the tech-stack we use.

5. How do you manage to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal life?

I believe that maintaining a good work-life balance is important for overall motivation and performance, so I try my best to restrain my work only to my scheduled hours. I work remotely so another important thing for me is to limit my computer use after finishing up work for the day.

6. What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your work and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenges I face in my work are planning versatile and elegant solutions that will not contribute to technical debt in the future and making sure that the work of multiple developers doesn’t collide. I overcome them by paying a lot of attention during the planning phase efforts and encouraging others to raise concerns in the early stages of development.

7. What was your best day at work and why?

My best day at work was when I visited the client company Argus at their headquarters in Tel Aviv and participated in the company’s hackathon.
My hackathon team consisted of people from different projects and we built a full-stack application for managing deployments that were integrated with our code repository and CI/CD pipeline and we won the 2nd prize out of around 10 teams!

8. What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of seeing the results of our work being used and appreciated by the users. It’s a great feeling to see how product ideas turn into actual features that make our users’ lives easier and helps them to achieve better vehicle security.

9. What are your plans for the future?

I want to keep enjoying my work here at Matrix, grow in my role and help others achieve their dreams. I want to be proud of the product we’re building and see it make the world a better place.

10. What tips can you give to a person who would so like to choose your profession?

I think it’s important to be keen on learning and personal growth. It’s also valuable to have an open-minded and optimistic approach and take on challenges that may seem out of reach.
If the person has reports they’re managing, I say it’s good to be tolerant and accepting of them, especially in remote work.

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