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AI Senior Software Engineer

location Poland working time Full-time remote Remote

About the job

Our Client is the only Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation) software that centers communications on top of the invoice so that AP collaborates better with approvers, vendors, and anyone involved with purchases to quickly resolve issues and questions, resulting in 5x faster approvals.
Automating accounts payable in this way gives users visibility into bill activities, statuses, and ownership with greater transparency and accountability. Audit-ready histories of approved bills are stored in the AP Automation system, and invoices can be downloaded anytime.

Join our AI team to help build the next generation of awesome products and experiences using
cutting-edge technology.


  • As the AI Senior Software Engineer, You will do end-to-end algorithm development, from initial
    research, all the way to full deployment
  • You will work closely with multi-disciplinary teams of developers, product managers, and experts.
  • In this role, you will design, develop, and implement POCs for machine learning models and ML
    solutions to address business needs and objectives
  • Evaluate and recommend ML/LLM tools and frameworks to enhance productivity and
  • Reporting directly to top management
  • Help build, automate, deliver, monitor, and improve ML-based solutions.
  • Be up to date the state-of-the-art technologies and apply them to deliver customer benefits
  • Collaborate closely with product and engineering teams and with any internal or external


● Bachelor’s degree from a leading university – mandatory.
● Very strong drive and ability to solve complex problems and build solutions fast.
● 6+ years of experience as Backend and/or ML Engineer.
● Proven experience in leading and delivering complex problems solutions.
● Languages: Python and Java or C#.
● Understanding of software architecture patterns and deployment (microservices).
● Strong communication and collaboration skills.
● Self-learner – Ability to learn new concepts and technologies and apply them.


● M.Sc. in Computer Science/Software Engineering or equivalent.
● Proficiency in ML/Generative AI tools and frameworks such as LLMs, LangChain,
Hugging Face Transformers, TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar
● DevOps concepts (CI/CD)
● Experience building a solution around LLMs.
● Culture fit
● Excellent communication and leadership skills.
● Handle tasks with full ownership – from PoC to productization
● Problem solver – Ability to break down large problems into small incremental steps.
● Self-learner – Ability to learn new ML concepts and technologies and apply them

What we can offer

• Retention bonus (one salary on top every year)
• Remote work and flexible working hours
• Professional and career benefits
• Top-quality work environment
• CTO/VP 1:1 meeting.
• Yearly courses
• Quarterly manager discussion and status
• Goodies – hats, shirts, Stampli brands
• Additional 20 days of paid leave
• Free Business English classes
• Online sports activities
• Celebrating online happy hour

If you are looking for stability, professional growth, long-term career, and technology challenges in the sought-after companies – come and join us today! One last thing, if you have a lot of these skills, but not all of them, please still apply. We love to teach those who are willing to learn.

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